Healthcare in Fiji?

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By theresesampey - Posted on
13 August 2016

I would like to know if ex pats from Australia can access public hospitals or a pirvate doctor at his rooms when necessary, and if so what are the costs, we have never required private hospital cover in Australia, but would just like to know if we can have access to a doctor if an emergency arises. Kind regards Therese

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Hi there,

You should be able to access public healthcare but it's often underdeveloped, underfunded and slow, so I would advise using private healthcare instead. Health insurance is also advised. Our Healthcare in Fiji page has some more information.

Kind regards
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We have had positive and negative experiences. My husband was hospitalised in Lautoka for pneumonia and when we double checked the treatment he was given with Australian doctors they were happy with whatever was done. We have had very positive experiences with Shortland Dental in Namaka for dental work.

From what I conclude, health professionals here are enthusiastic and knowledgable but work with limited resources.

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