Health insurance advice for Germany?

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By saamah - Posted on
09 August 2016

Hello, I am a British citizen moving to Germany, probably temporarily, but not sure. I will still be working for a British employer and initially paying tax in the UK. In the long term I will probably need to switch my tax country to Germany, but before that, I'm not sure how to deal with health insurance. If I pay full whack for German health insurance I will in effect be paying double for health care - paying with my English taxes, and with health insurance. But if I don't set up health insurance, then I'm not sure the EHIC card will cover things. Does anyone have a similar experience? Many thanks Saamah

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I'm trying to find out similar information - though I'm self employed which makes things a bit more tricky. Your tax and national insurance contributions will probably be paid in the UK hopefully arranged by your employer - check with them, especially with regard to NI contributions.

EHIC only covers emergency care and some preexisting conditions which you may need emergency care for. I've read about people not being adequately covered by the 'correct' German health insurances and as a penalty will be back charged for time that wasn't covered. Check thoroughly what you need to be covered for with German authorities.

Good luck!

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