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13 October 2011
I'm desperately trying to decide if I shoud have my baby in Russia (Moscow), or if I should go back to the UK to give birth without my husband. From what I've read, the healthcare system in Russia seems to be stuck in a time past, and the doctors will often refuse proper service without proper bribes? Is there anywhere reliable to have a baby in Moscow, and can any expats living in Russia give some advice about doctors, procedures, insurance, etc.
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If you want to have your baby in Russia, there certainly are options, though, I would highly recommend that you avoid using the state system. That means you'll have to have some form of private health insurance to cover what will be lofty fees levied by private medical facilities. Most employers organise this for their expat employees, but just make sure you get the package you want, and that it covers the facility where you want to have your baby.

Most expats will say the only place to have a baby in Moscow is at the Perinatal Medical Center. It's completely devoted to the process of labour, and is clean and new. Also, many of the doctors speak English. So make sure your insurance covers this location. They will then present you with a list of doctors, and their accompany prices (costs vary according to experience). Make sure you confirm what your insurance will and will not cover.

Prior to labour, I would recommend you get all your antenatal care at the European Medical Centre. There's a French doctor there by the name of Jacques Peter, and most foreigners swear by him, even if his social skills are a bit lacking. He's been practicing for 30 years, and utilises a western-style of medecine.

Quick tips:

-In Russia, a 'natural' birth means you get an epidural, it's standard
-Your husband will not be allowed in the room if you have to have a C-section birth
-Write down everything you want to happen during birth, and memorise a few key Russian phrases to communicate to the, most likely, non-English speaking midwives.
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Yes absolutely. Read my guide here and do get in touch if you have any further questions: http://smallkartoshka.blogspot.com/p/healthcare-hospitals.html

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Hello, I had my baby in Russia 9 months ago. try the Perinatal centre, but prices are somehow high. good doctors with some of them speaking English are also available at Evromed centre. Caesarean delivery costs about 2-3000 EUR, normal delivery about 2000EUR, doctors are very nice and knowledgeable and compared ot giving birth in UK- I would say definitely stay in Moscow and have your baby there ! Good luck !

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