Has anyone taken cats from Canada to United Arab Emirates?

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By buster1 - Posted on
25 March 2017

I am thinking of taking a job in the united Arab emirates but I have two cats I am from Canada and I won't leave them behind , thanks for any input

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Hi there,

We have an article on this very topic which you can read here: Moving Pets to the UAE. You can also check out our article on Travelling With Pets for a more general idea of what to expect when moving abroad with animals.

The good news is that - at least as far as I'm aware, but do double check this to be sure - there is no quarantine period required for pets entering the UAE as long as they are more than 4 months old. However, there are still extensive requirements regarding paperwork/certifications, vaccines and microchipping, so it's best to do plenty of research in advance to make sure you've stuck to all the regulations.

There are pet relocation services that can help a great deal in easing the process if you find it all a bit overwhelming, although they can be pricey. Some expats find that a good solution is to take care of some parts of the process themselves and leave anything they find too complicated for the pet relocation company.

Generally experts recommend you start arranging a pet relocation about one to two months before relocation, although some parts of the process can only be completed closer to the time of moving. How soon are moving to the UAE?

Hope this helps, and best of luck for your move!

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