Has anyone moved to Romania?

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By Laura from Timisoara - Posted on
08 April 2017

Hello, dear forum colleagues! If you plan to move in Timisoara, to visit or just to know something about how to live here, feel free to ask me! I will try to answer it as soon as possible. Over 10 years I am organizing a variety of events attended by foreigners worldwide and I am in charge with all them accommodation details. So, I am familiar with some details about Timisoara :). Have a great life! Laura

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Hi Laura,

I'm married to Romanian Lady from Timisoara and currently living in Nigeria, we want to move back to Timisoara.
Any ideas you can give when it comes to schooling and work (of course for me and my daughters).

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I am considering moving to Timisoara, following an opportunity my employer is offering me. I am currently living in a country house outside the main city, I am wondering if it is safe and affordable to do the same in Timisoara.

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Buna Laura
First of all, Happy New Year and Merry christmas ,I hope you are well,
I am an Electrica Engineer Iranian man with Experience on Electrical Enginer(Power generation)20 years,
I am going to Romania for living and working with my Family,
I want start with a new business there, invest to any idea that you know I can strat,
Please guide me ,
email me:

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