Good family areas in Dublin?

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By Aussiemam - Posted on
11 September 2015

Hi we are moving to Dublin and looking for a very nice area to live that has a good public primary school and facilities for primary aged children as well as transport for the centre of Dublin. Looking for a 2-3 bedroom with a yard or some type of outside area. thanks,

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Hi Aussiemam,

As you'll see on our Education and Schools page for Dublin, It is highly recommended for expats who have decided on an area to live in, to try and contact schools before arriving. Many of the schools are full and difficult to get into, which might lead to a long commute to the next available primary school. 

Have a look at our Primary Schools page as well, for information of how the Irish schooling system works.

In terms of Accommodation, have a look at our areas and suburbs of Dublin, to find out about the areas that best suit your needs.

Best of luck with your move.

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Take a look at communities along the DART line. They are all nice areas with good schools and easy access to the city centre.

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