Gay couple possibly moving to Pardubice - help with a few questions?

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By Dbwl - Posted on
23 May 2017

Hello! There is a possibility that my husband will be offered a job in Pardubice, so I'm trying to plan ahead. I'm wondering if anyone could give a little info in case that does happen. Since I may not be able to find work (at least not right away), I wonder if two guys living on about 50,000 Czech crowns per month is doable. We are pretty low maintenance but also want to be able to enjoy ourselves a little and explore that part of the world. Also, we are a legally married gay couple, so I wonder how people in Pardubice feel in general about LGBT people living in their city...and if anyone knows if our marriage would be recognized in the Czech Republic. I appreciate any info or advice. Thank you! David

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Hey David,

It's always a little tricky to say whether a particular salary will be "enough", as different people have different standards of living. I think your best bet to start off with would be to have a look at our Cost of Living in Czech Republic page, especially the chart near the bottom of the page. You could draw up a rough budget using some of those figures, as well as other resources like Numbeo and Expatistan, both of which have extensive cost of living listings and prices.

As to whether your marriage will be legally recognised in the Republic - yes and no. Same-sex marriage isn't recognised per se, but there is something called a "registered partnership" which offers some of the same rights as marriage. You can click here to read a bit more about that.

As a whole, the Czech Republic is relatively accepting of homosexuality, although there are still some areas for improvement. It's a pity you aren't moving to Prague, as there's a thriving gay scene there, and there doesn't seem to be much of a gay scene in Pardubice. Nevertheless, I'd expect that the general acceptance of gay people in the Republic would extend to Pardubice too.

When will you be moving? Do you both have your visas sorted out?

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Hi Meagan.
Thanks so much for your reply.
I did do a rough budget on Numbeo, and it actually seemed pretty doable based on how we live right now, if that is an accurate representation. Pardubice being "relatively accepting" works for me. I kind of just want people not not really give a damn one way or the other. ...and Prague is only about an hour away if we want a fun gay night out.
As far as when things might happen, I'm not quite sure, but probably toward the end of the summer, I think. On our end it's a bit premature to worry about visas.
I'm hoping for a new adventure, so It would be great if this works out.
Again, thanks for your reply. I really appreciate it.


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Well, I have an update. A job offer was made. It's very likely we'll be moving (the Job starts the beginning of Sept). It's going to be pretty tight with the budget, so I'm now wondering about finding work as well. I'm going to post a separate question about that though.
Thanks again for your input, Meagan.

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