Expected costs of Living in Dublin?

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22 November 2016

I am currently considering moving to Dublin for a job in communications (I have been approached by a recruiter) and am wondering how much a job would have to pay in order to live comfortably? I am single, no kids and would look for a 1 bd/studio in a nice residential, central area. Any advice would be appreciated, thank you!

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Hi Berlin1234, the salary you should be expecting would all depend on your specific position and your experience and qualifications.

While I can't advise on the specific salary you would require or should expect, I suggest you take a look at our guide to the Cost of Living in Ireland. This should give you a good break down of what to expect to pay for all your basics, including accommodation, transport etc. You will then get an idea of what you require to live comfortably in Dublin.

All the best with your move!
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