Expat tax and rent in Thailand

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By Tuyen Tran - Posted on
20 October 2017


Can anyone please help me work out how much I take home after tax for gross salary of 121,970 Thai Baht? I have 3 dependants: spouse and 2 kids (3 year old and 4 months). I was informed that tax would be 15-20%, but they can't give me the correct figure.

Also, how much is average rent for a fully furnished 2 bedrooms house/ apartment?

Thank you in advance.


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Hi Hannah

While you probably won't know exactly how much you'll get out after your first paycheck, you can get an estimate using the tax calculators on MuangThai or TigerThailand

Rent will depend on your location. You can have a look at our guide on cost of living in Thailand for a general idea of the accommodation costs. Where in Thailand will you be living?

Hope this helps,
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