EU Referendum Decision - How does it effect my property rights in Italy?

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By mrsbee - Posted on
25 June 2016

We are about to complete on our property in Italy - mid September. Absolutely gutted over the referendum outcome and fearing we may have made the biggest mistake of our lives. How do others feel?

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Hi Mrsbee!

Congrats on your new home in Italy!

I'm assuming from your comment that you are a British citizen. 

I understand your anxieties but its hard to know what to do till we know more. Brexit is sure to have implications for UK citizens who own property in other European countries and vice versa and it will take quite some times for the respective governments to decide how it will all work. 

What is the feeling like on the ground in the UK? Do you feel things in the UK have changed?

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Hi thanks for your reply. I realise no one knows the implications for anyone living in the EU until terms and agreements are decided. The feeling here is divided. It seems to me the Brexits are keeping their heads down and those who wanted to Remain are upset, angry and pretty stunned. The Government and all parties are in a mess all round and i guess my concerns can't be addressed until we sort out who is strong engough to lead the Country when it is so divided.

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Welcome to Italy, I am a home owner, but I am retired, so I think I will be ok staying, like anywhere else in the world. However, not sure of your age and if you plan to live here full time.
Myself I am concerned about the cost of healthcare and annual state pension increases stopping, similar to other non eu countries. Properties that are owned I am sure will continue to be owned, like other places in the world. My concern is for those who do not have a fixed income or much money coming in. There is talk of a European passport allowing free passage to and from Europe, but nothing fixed yet. Get involved with the on line organisations that are pro remaining, the more voices the better.

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