English schools in Lagos, Nigeria?

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By tompitman - Posted on
08 April 2011
Hello, my wife has been offered a job in Lagos, Nigeria and is trying to encourage me to go with him, plus our two children! I am not sure if I am mad to even be considering moving to Nigeria! Am I? One of my many concerns is finding an international English school for my children - Age six and seven. I think the company will pay the school fees, but I also want to make sure education is good enough and they may enjoy it... I would love to hear from any expats based in Lagos on which are the best English schools in Lagos, and feedback on what they are like, as well as general advice on living as an expat in Nigeria. Thanks, tx
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Hi Tx-

First off, the most important part about committing to expat life in Nigeria is realizing you're not alone. A posting to this East African commercial heavyweight is not without its hardships, but you can take solace in the fact that Lagos has a large and supportive expat community, especially if you're coming in under the umbrella of one of the large companies that regularly relocates people.

There are pleny of international schools in Nigeria, but you must certainly make an effort to negotiate an allowance as part of your husband's contract. School fees can be exorbitant, and you don't want to find yourself paying out of pocket when your company should cover costs.

You should also make sure your company is sorting out your accommodating accordingly. If moving to Lagos you'll probably want to live on Victoria Island or Ikoyi, these are "expat strongholds" and you'll find lots of opportunity to make quick friends in the area. Do note that accommodation in Nigeria can be incredibly expensive, so again, negotiate allowances.

Otherwise, have a look at the Expat Arrivals Nigeria Guide to find out basics before you go.
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you have no idea what opportunity you will be missing. A lot of top schools are here. Not trying to convince you, just stating the fact

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Hi, I'm Tasia. I'm from Indonesia but now I live in Ikeja, Nigeria. Do not worry to move here, there are a lot of expatriates here, especially American. They usually live in Ikoyi or Victoria Island. If you live there, you are lucky. It's very nice. If you live there, I think it's good to choose American International School or British International School. 53% of American International School students are American, so do not worry, but most students in British International School are Nigerians. Or if you live in Ikeja, like me, you can choose Avi-Cenna International School. It's good, and most expatriates in Ikeja send their children to this school. This is a British School.

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There are so many good schools in lagos even in abuja

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