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18 August 2013
hello, we have moved to istanbul and we are looking for an agency that can help us find a filipino maid, aged 25 to 40.

We are from the netherlands originally but have been expats for the last 10 years living in dubai, kuala lumpur and singapore we have three kids 11, 9 and 7 who attend iics, our house is in yenikoy, also we have a pup golden retriever. We are looking for a live in maid, own room and bathroom, good with kids and dog cleaning and childcare are the main tasks, english lanaguage a must, travel with us to the netherlands at least once a year for 2 months we offer very good compensation, one day off per week, once a year home leave plus ticket

thx robbert
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Hi Voogtro,

You shouldn't have too much problem finding a domestic help in Istanbul. Usually, you will have to pay maids a daily rate rather than a fee per hour. Still, this should work out cheaper than prices you would be used to paying in the Netherlands.

However, seeing as you specified that you want to hire a filipino maid - this might prove more difficult. To hire a foreign domestic worker you will need to make sure she has the correct paperwork. The unemployement rate in Turkey is very high and the government are very strict when it comes to giving out work permits. The chances are there is a Turkish person who is capable of fulfiling the job role required. Therefore you might struggle to get a work permit for a Filipino citizen.

Read the Working in Turkey page for more information on the situation. 

It might be worth consulting a immigration specialist to help you if you do decide to hire a foreign citizen in Turkey.


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