Documentation required for sponsoring stepson in the UAE?

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02 April 2017

My wife and I are considering moving to Abu Dhabi this year with our 3 children. 2 of the children are our children, while the oldest boy (12) is my wife's son from her first marriage.

The visa will be under my name as I will be employed. What do I need to do to gain sponsorship for my stepson? I have read online that we will need a legally binding letter from his natural father in their home country (Australia) from the proper authority. Does anyone know who the proper authority is and what will make the letter legally binding?


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Hi there, 

In order to gain sponsorship for your stepson you will need to have proof that your wife has full custody of the child. This will need to come from an Australian offcial source (such as a family court). 

Next, you will need a no objection letter signed by the birth father giving you permission to sponsor your stepson in the UAE. 

You will need to include your stepson's birth certificate in the application, in addition to your passport, labour contract and salary certificate (which must state that you earn over 6000DH), and a letter stating that you will support the child financially which needs to be attested in Australia and Qatar. It might help to include your marriage certificate in your application to show that you are the child's stepfather.

In order to make the letter legally binding you should consider consulting a legal expert in Australia or Qatar. 

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