Do I need to sit a test if I exchange my drivers licence in the Czech Republic?

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By EvanLyons - Posted on
10 January 2018

I have been investigating drivers licence conditions in Czech Republic and have hit a wall...

I currently have a New Zealand drivers licence, this enables me to drive (with a IDL) for one year in Czech Republic. After a maximum of a year I will be required to exchange my New Zealand drivers licence for a Czech licence. As I plan to become a resident, I will exchange my New Zealand licence after 3 months or so. What is this exchange process? Some countries (UK) I would not have to sit any tests etc. as New Zealand has an equivalent program. Do I need to sit tests? I am concerned my reading and written Czech is not good enough to pass any theory

Thanks in advance

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Hi EvanLyons

Depending on whether Czech Republic recognises New Zealand licences, you might need to sit a test. Have a read of our guide to transport and driving in Czech Republic for a general overview.

It's possible to get a translator for the driving test according to this article, but your best bet is to find out from a driving school or licence centre in CR. Are you still in New Zealand, or have you moved to CR already?

Hope this helps,
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