Critical skills visa for Ireland: next step

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12 October 2017

I got an offer from a company in Dublin city- Ireland and even critical skill work permit is being processed successfully. Now what the next steps/procedures/visa's to obtain to move to Dublin. And I am citizen of India by birth.

Do I need to obtain Employment visa now? Will that be Single entry or Multiple Entry Visa?
Could anyone explain me the clear process - whats next now.
Please share the link where I can apply for visa also.

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Hi Seema

If you need information about your visas and such after accepting a job, your new employers should be able to answer all your questions. I would advise talking to them because they should be applying for visas and permits on your behalf, or at least guiding you through the process. Have a read of our guide on work permits in Ireland, in case you haven't already.

After you've been granted permission to work in Ireland, you need an employment visa, yes. The Irish immigration website has a timeline detailing the steps you should take here. It also explains the employment visa and how to apply for it.

Hope this helped, and good luck!
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Thanks Emma for the quick response! I will go ahead with applying Employment visa.

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Hi Seema,
Do you need help with accomodation ? Have you a budjet? Thanks Marie -fivestar property

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