Cost of travelling in Lagos?

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21 September 2015

I am working with an IT firm in India and am in the process of formulating a local travel policy for local employees in Lagos as my company also has an office in lagos. If my company provides the fuel reimbursement on per kilometer basis how much would be the cost on an average?

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Hi Samprada,

This will be a nut case I can promise to you. Smuggling over here is kind of a national sport :) My company suffers same problem as well my suggestion would be never bear the cost of fuelling otherwise you will be cheated. I am providing 20lts of ago per day for max. 100 km run for a midi-bus and still the guys say it is not enough. So somebody is stealing the ago for sure. Now I am looking a new contractor which will supply its own fuel. The rent of a bus suppose to cost around 200.000 - 300.000 ngn excluding fuel supply.

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