Cost of living in Poland

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29 October 2017

I am moving to Poland early next year. My company has offered me a salary of 13000 ZL. Base location would be Warsaw. I have a family of three (Self, Wife and 5-year old daughter). My wife and daughter would not be travelling immediately with me. I am assuming after about 3-4 months once I settle down.

Do you think the salary is good enough? How much do you think would rentals and other expenses cost?

Appreciate your response.

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Hi ashishdhanuka

Whether your salary will be good enough will depend on your current lifestyle and your line of work. What do you do? Where are you moving from?

Have a look at our guide to cost of living in Poland for some day-to-day prices. You could also compare prices on Numbeo or Expatistan with your home country.

Hope this helped!

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I work from a technology based Company and would be moving from India. I work as a senior manager and have over 18 years of experience.

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