Cost of living and expat taxes in Moscow

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02 April 2012
Hi, What is the current yearly Cost of living standard Moscow and index comparison between Istanbul? What are the tax rates applicable to yearly gross salaries for an expat newly going to start to work in MOscow? Thanks for your kind and quick comments in advance Thanks and kind regards murat
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Hi Murat, the cost of living in Moscow is very high - in the 2011 Mercer Cost of Living Survey Moscow ranked 4th overall out of 214 destinations, making one of the most expensive expat destinations in the world. The tax rate for expats in Russia depends on their residency status - if you spend at least 183 days in Russia in a calender year then you will be taxed at the resident rate of 13 percent. Otherwise non-resident tax rates apply at 30%.

You can check out our Cost of Living in Russia page for a breakdown of what you can expect to pay in Russia, and for some more general info on living in Moscow, check out our Moving to Moscow page.

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