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  • Vienna
    Good afternoon, My wife and I would like to apply for permanent residency in Austria. I am a U.S. citizen and she is a Canadian citizen. We have...
    1 | 2 years 15 weeks
  • Guangzhou
    Hi there! I am considering moving to Guangzhou with my 18 year-old-son, who is currently studying Photography at the university in Brazil. I am a...
    2 | 2 years 15 weeks
  • Poland
    I am moving to Poland early next year. My company has offered me a salary of 13000 ZL. Base location would be Warsaw. I have a family of three (Self...
    2 | 2 years 13 weeks
  • South Africa
    Hi, I have Critical Skills Work Permit VISA for 1 year Validity. I have a job and I would like to renew my VISA for 5 years and then I will apply for...
    4 | 2 years 15 weeks
  • Switzerland
    Hi - I am planning on moving to Switzerland either summer '18 or '19 with my wife and 7/8 year old son. Is there anyone who can provide...
    5 | 1 year 49 weeks
  • Germany
    Hi, I am planning to visit Germany soon on a Vacation and wanted to know if there are any good offers on SIM cards for travelers in Germany? Cheers...
    1 | 2 years 15 weeks
  • United Arab Emirates
    Hello All, I have been reading many articles on health insurance requirements for sponsoring parents in the UAE. My work Visa will be out of Dubai...
    5 | 2 years 10 weeks
  • United Arab Emirates
    Hello All, I am looking into an assignment in the UAE sometime early next year with my wife and kids. I have read several articles on this topic...
    1 | 2 years 16 weeks
  • Abu Dhabi
    Hello All, There is a potential of an assignment in Abu Dhabi for me next year. I am a U.S national and working for a U.S publicly traded company....
    2 | 2 years 16 weeks
  • Antwerp
    Hello, My husband will start to work at Antwerp by 1st January . We have 2 daughters ; 7 and 12 years old. Now, we have to make 2 critical decisions...
    1 | 2 years 16 weeks
  • Thailand
    Hi, Can anyone please help me work out how much I take home after tax for gross salary of 121,970 Thai Baht? I have 3 dependants: spouse and 2 kids (...
    1 | 2 years 16 weeks
  • Dublin
    I have got critical skill work permit for Ireland , now I am applying for Employment visa. I have few queries. 1. Can I apply the visa for myself and...
    4 | 2 years 17 weeks
  • Vienna
    My wife and I have been traveling to Austria from the States since 1993 on a near yearly basis. I am retired and my wife is nearing her retirement...
    1 | 2 years 17 weeks
  • Ireland
    I am Bulgarian citizen and my wife is citizen of Philippines We are planning to move to Ireland . My question is if she needs an entry visa and work...
    4 | 2 years 16 weeks
  • Denmark
    Hello! I hope someone can help me. I am looking to move to southern Denmark by the end of 2018 and am searching for work as a Physiotherapist. Will...
    1 | 2 years 17 weeks
  • Poland
    I have got an offer of 5000pln Gross (3500 net or take home) job offer and would like me in if I accept it for 3 month probation contract. I'm...
    5 | 2 years 5 weeks
  • Dublin
    I got an offer from a company in Dublin city - Ireland. And also critical skill work permit processed successfully.Planning to move to Dublin around...
    1 | 2 years 18 weeks
  • Dublin
    I got an offer from a company in Dublin city- Ireland and even critical skill work permit is being processed successfully. Now what the next steps/...
    3 | 2 years 18 weeks
  • Germany
    What is the house size requirements for two adults and two children in munich for kvr registration? 
    Zero | 2 years 18 weeks
  • Canada
    Hello Dear !!! I am from India, age 42 years, we are four in family and are planning to move to Canada, I am preparing for my IELTS exam. I want to...
    2 | 2 years 18 weeks

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