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  • Riyadh
    I completed my masters degree in computer application(MCA).Also i have a previous experience in a finance sector in India. Im Interested in teaching...
    1 | 2 years 12 weeks
  • Nigeria
    I am an Indian, Civil Engineer with 25 yrs experience. What salary should I ask for the position of Construction Project Manager for a MNC in Nigeria...
    1 | 2 years 12 weeks
  • Thailand
    Hello; I plan to move to Thailand with my two children. On the internet I only find expensive moving services or services that don't seem to pack...
    1 | 1 year 47 weeks
  • Abu Dhabi
    My wife works as teacher with a school in Abu Dhabi and draws DHS 5900 per month. She teach Maths in Year 5. Can she sponsor her husband and child.
    1 | 2 years 13 weeks
  • Mozambique
    I am from Ethiopia. I am considering moving to mozambique for education in Eduardo Mondlane University for three years. Is 450 Euro per month enough...
    2 | 1 year 50 weeks
  • Singapore
    May I know how an Expat can rent a place in Singapore? Appreciate if someone can guide me Thanks MS Goh
    1 | 2 years 13 weeks
  • Saudi Arabia
    I am looking at a position in Saudi Arabia, but I am concerned I might not be able to take my parrot with me. I currently live in Australia, and...
    1 | 1 year 50 weeks
  • Czech Republic
    My husband and I are thinking about moving to (and retiring in) Czech Republic. My husband is a Czech citizen (native Czech speaker), though he has...
    2 | 2 years 13 weeks
  • Singapore
    Hi, My name is Vinay .. I am from Hyderabad (India).. my condition as of now i am seeking to go Singapore since past 1 year , but based on my home...
    1 | 2 years 13 weeks
  • China
    Do the locals here eat snakes? I have seen pigeons roasted and served in the local restaurants in Beijing and Guangzhou.
    1 | 2 years 14 weeks
  • Dubai
    Myself and two friends have been living and working in Qatar for the last 2-3 years, but are now looking to move over to Dubai. The catch is none of...
    12 | 1 year 48 weeks
  • South Africa
    We are moving to Abu Dhabi from South Africa. I want to know if I can bring my African Grey with me?
    1 | 2 years 14 weeks
  • Portugal
    Hello, My husband and I have been looking for an apartment in Lisbon for about 6 months. We have seen a lot of beautiful apartments, and even tried...
    2 | 1 year 47 weeks
  • Budapest
    Hello, We're moving to Budapest from the U.S. in December and are looking for a pediatrician for our two year old son (someone who speaks English...
    Zero | 2 years 14 weeks
  • Ireland
    My wife and I are considering retiring in Ireland in 2018 (from the US). I'm 57 and she's 56. And I'm having a hard time wrapping my head around...
    2 | 2 years 14 weeks
  • Germany
    i am moving to Powai in December with my husband, he will be working in Mumbai... last week we had a orientation trip to India so I was able to get...
    3 | 2 years 14 weeks
  • Ireland
    I am originally from Co Louth and my hubby is from Dublin. Currently living in West Boston area, we intend to move back to Ireland in 2019 after kids...
    1 | 2 years 14 weeks
  • Canada
    Hi Is there a difference between a local employment contract and an expat package in Canada? Do the expat packages in Canada normally include private...
    3 | 2 years 13 weeks
  • Portugal
    Hello all, I've received a job offer from a company that does celebrity newswriting based in Lisbon. The thing is, I'm not 100% sure I should take it...
    1 | 2 years 14 weeks
  • Poland
    I was wondering if I can get some insight on what a reasonable GROSS salary would be for a couple to live with moderate comfort level in Wroclaw.
    1 | 2 years 14 weeks

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