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  • New Zealand
    Hi- I'm moving to New Zealand to finish my master's degree - I'll be moving to Dunedin and was wondering if anyone could give any tips about...
    1 | 8 years 26 weeks
  • Nigeria
    Hi- I moved to Lagos, Nigeria about six weeks ago and other than watching paint dry there seems to be little to do. I don't have any kids and I...
    6 | 7 years 19 weeks
  • Nigeria
    Is it necessary to open a bank account in Nigeria or can I just maintain an offshore account and remit my salary overseas? Is this safe?
    4 | 7 years 1 week
  • Nigeria
    I recently received a job offer to be the Retail Manager of a compay called Legatrix in Nigeria. I didn't apply for any jobs with the company and...
    5 | 7 years 13 weeks
  • Vietnam
    Hi everyone, I've searched everywhere, but can't find a nice, simple list of the things I need to get my Vietnam work permit! Please help!?
    5 | 4 years 7 weeks
  • New Zealand
    Hello What kind of deductions should I expect from my salary in New zealand for income tax... just trying to see if the job I've been offered...
    3 | 7 years 11 weeks
  • Canada
    Now that I'm settled in to life in BC, I think I should start trying out some of the local cuisine! Can anyone recommend some good restaurants...
    1 | 8 years 26 weeks
  • Hungary
    ...can anyone give me a ballpark figure? Just for a one or two-bedroom place, nothing too fancy.
    1 | 8 years 26 weeks
  • the Netherlands
    hello.  can anyone say what the best cell phone company in the netherlands is? thanx
    2 | 8 years 2 weeks
  • Kyrgyzstan
    Hi everyone, I'm planning to do some ESL teaching in Kyrgyzstan.  I've finally learned how to spell it, and am now looking for some...
    3 | 3 years 29 weeks
  • Libya
    What a bad time to be offered a great job in Libya! :-( Can anyone tell me what the latest is with Gaddafi and the political situation over there...
    2 | 6 years 30 weeks
  • the USA
    What's the process for getting a social security number in the States... Can I do it at home, or must I do it when I get over to New...
    1 | 8 years 26 weeks
  • Switzerland
    Can anyone help me prepare for what to expect from the work culture in Switzerland, please. I've heard it's very formal? Is this true?!
    4 | 7 years 11 weeks
  • Ireland
    I'm due to relocate to Ireland for my job, and was just wondering if I need to worry about how I'll be received as a foreigner working in the...
    2 | 7 years 14 weeks
  • Spain
    Hello. I've heard that passport theft is seriously on the rise in Spain. How can I avoid falling victim to it, and what should I ...
    1 | 8 years 26 weeks
  • Australia
    Hi Everyone Can anyone tell me what, exactly, I'll be entitled to do in Australia with a 457 long-stay business visa? I'm very confused about...
    7 | 6 years 30 weeks
  • Norway
    Been hearing mixed things? Is healthcare in Norway free or are there co-payments and small fees charged here and there?
    5 | 7 years 12 weeks
  • Oslo
    Hi- I'm moving to Oslo in the near future with my Norwegian fiance. Initially, he planned to be the working half of the relationship while I brushed...
    15 | 5 years 26 weeks
  • Norway
    What do I need and what is the process for opening a bank account in Norway? Any branch recommendations? Is it better to stick with an international...
    7 | 7 years 13 weeks
  • Nairobi
    What are the personal tax implications if relocating to Kenya from South Africa. Do I have to inform SARS of such a move if I intend to be taxed in...
    2 | 5 years 19 weeks

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