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  • Hong Kong
    Hi, I am kavitha from India. We're planning to move to Hong kong soon so i need some information about the place, please help me. 1. where do...
    5 | 6 years 35 weeks
  • Ho Chi Minh City
    I've read a lot about this topic, but still wonder: should I buy a healthcare package? How about the coverage and the period for the package? I...
    6 | 3 years 49 weeks
  • Budapest
    Hi- Newly arrived in the city and finally all settled and sorted and ready to do some exploring over my first work-free days off. Does anyone have...
    1 | 8 years 16 weeks
  • Budapest
    Hi- I just arrived in Budapest and found that my flat has no Internet. I'm in a long-distance relationship so I need this service to be able to...
    2 | 4 years 49 weeks
  • Budapest
    Moving to Budapest to teach English in the near future and just wanted to hear expat opinions about whether or not I need to be concerned about...
    1 | 8 years 16 weeks
  • India
    Which service provider is better for television in India - Tata Sky or Airtel? I also see that Dish tv has packages as well. They all seem different...
    4 | 7 years 11 weeks
  • Delhi
    Can anyone give an indication of cost of living in Delhi?
    1 | 8 years 16 weeks
  • Delhi
    Where should we look for housing in Delhi, and is there anything extra that we should make sure our company covers in cost?
    10 | 4 years 48 weeks
  • Saudi Arabia
    Hi, I'm a British teacher and I've just arrived in Jubail and will be here for 1 year. Does anybody know of a local expat scene as I'm eager to meet...
    11 | 6 years 31 weeks
  • Nigeria
    hi,i'm an electrician from the Philippines. I received an e-mail from Total Gas and Oil Company that i passed their requirements and asked for my...
    2 | 8 years 15 weeks
  • Dublin
    Hi- I'm moving with my husband (who originally hails from the land of potato famine) to Ireland this July (he's bagged a job), and I'm...
    1 | 6 years 30 weeks
  • Dublin
    What sites are best to consult if looking to share a flat in Dublin? Is there Craigslist or Gumtree, or at least something similar?
    1 | 8 years 16 weeks
  • Dublin
    Looking for a US curriculum at a reasonable price, but a high standard. I'm not sure if that exists, so feel free to recommend all good...
    4 | 5 years 29 weeks
  • France
    We are moving to France later this year and would like to take our do with us. What is the proceedure for moving a dog to France, can we just take...
    7 | 5 years 14 weeks
  • Israel
    If I make Aaliyah and become an Israeli resident am i legally obligated to serve in the army, as all Israeli citizens are?
    5 | 6 years 33 weeks
  • Israel
    As an expat is it possible to be approved for a credit card in Israel? Up until this point I've been using my US credit card and then paying off the...
    1 | 8 years 16 weeks
  • Israel
    Hi- I'm thinking of making Aaliyah, and settling in Tel Aviv for at least the next few chapters of my life. As a recently graduated university...
    2 | 6 years 41 weeks
  • Italy
    I've been studying abroad in Rome for the last six months and have decided to extend my stay and take some additional classes over the summer in...
    2 | 6 years 33 weeks
  • Italy
    Is it legal to drive in Italy with my British license. If pulled over will I risk breaking the law?
    1 | 8 years 17 weeks
  • Italy
    I've finally managed to get my Italian work permit (thought that would never happen) and now I've solidified plans to arrive in the country...
    3 | 6 years 44 weeks

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