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  • the Netherlands
    Hello, first time here and with lots of question. We are an Italian couple currently living in the UK and we are considering to move to the...
    2 | 2 years 21 weeks
  • Dubai
    I heard there are apartments advertised in magazines and newspapers. Is this correct?
    1 | 2 years 22 weeks
  • Spain
    We have been living in Spain for just over a year now - in a town called Maella in the Zaragoza, Aragon area. (about 2hrs west of Barcelona - inland...
    3 | 2 years 23 weeks
  • Abu Dhabi
    I have a Business Management degree and I am seeking work in Abu Dhabi, I have tried recruitment companies, so far having no joy with this, keep...
    2 | 2 years 22 weeks
  • Jakarta
    Hi , I am planning to move to Jakarta with one of my school going kid. Was looking for suggestion for Best housing option fully serviced apartment or...
    1 | 2 years 23 weeks
  • Malta
    I am looking to move to Malta with my teenage daughter and cocker spaniel by December 2017. She has already sat an entrance exam at a school in...
    Zero | 2 years 23 weeks
  • Nigeria
    please can i find unskilled job in Norway i'm from Nigeria age 24 year old and how can i get the visa for norway
    1 | 2 years 23 weeks
  • Ireland
    Hi, I got a job offer of 30,500 Euros per annum from an Accountancy firm in Ireland. I am 21 years old and I'll be moving with my father from...
    2 | 2 years 24 weeks
  • Hong Kong
    I am currently in Singapore and got a job in Hong kong where my office is in Wan Chai. 1. Family - a couple, conventional South Indian Vegetarians 2...
    1 | 2 years 24 weeks
  • Riyadh
    I am a UK resident looking to work in an admin capacity within oil and gas or healthcare, having applied via many job sites and job boards I haven...
    4 | 2 years 24 weeks
  • South Africa
    I heard people saying it takes 60 working days to get a Work VISA from South Africa. Is that true? Please confirm. If not, how much time it actually...
    6 | 1 year 33 weeks
  • Hong Kong
    Hi folks, we will be moving to HK in a few months time but do not know the city much, having visited only once. We are looking for a primary school...
    2 | 2 years 24 weeks
  • Shanghai
    Hi All, I have been living in Shanghai close to 10 years now and with the arrival of our second kid, and his entry in Kindergarten , the budget do...
    1 | 2 years 24 weeks
  • Shanghai
    Dear all, I am writing you to see if you can help me with some information regarding English speaking colleges, Universities ( deadlines,...
    1 | 2 years 25 weeks
  • Czech Republic
    Hello, We're a couple of guys from the US. My husband was just offered a job in Pardubice that will start in September. It's probably...
    2 | 2 years 22 weeks
  • Canada
    How to deal with real estate agents when renting in Canada?
    Zero | 2 years 25 weeks
  • Ottawa
    Hello, My family and I will be relocating to Ottawa from the United States in September. My husband will be working at the university of Ottawa. He...
    Zero | 2 years 25 weeks
  • Spain
    I am looking to take early retirement in Spain at the end of this year. I will spend some time travelling around the south and east and will then buy...
    1 | 2 years 21 weeks
  • Mexico
    Please can you tell me if public schooling for expats is recommendable? Private schooling is very expensive especially for single parents. Are you...
    2 | 2 years 24 weeks
  • Delhi
    Hello We may have the opportunity to move to Delhi and there are many things about this that are really exciting. However, I'm quite concerned about...
    2 | 2 years 23 weeks

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