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  • Costa del Sol
    Hi. I recently purchased a property in Alcaidesa and I wanted to know the best way to purchase a car, either 2nd hand or new.
    2 | 1 year 33 weeks
  • South Korea
    My passport as a Basotho has freedom of visa on arrival to South Korea for a 2 months stay. I want to know how i can extend my stay and get a factory...
    3 | 2 years 17 weeks
  • Portugal
    Hello, I thought it would be helpful to write an article on the best areas to live in Portugal as an expat. This is only meant to be an introduction...
    3 | 1 year 46 weeks
  • Bahrain
    pls someone has explain me the current opening in Bahrain
    3 | 2 years 8 weeks
  • Bahrain
    Can I get suitable sales job in Bahrain? I have an MBA with 14 years experience.
    2 | 2 years 21 weeks
  • Peru
    Good Morning: I am a student that will be studying abroad next week. I live in Austin, Texas and part of our assignment to prepare for our visit is...
    Zero | 2 years 22 weeks
  • Jakarta
    Greetings, My name is Renata, Ukrainian citizen, 28 y.o., currently locate in the Philippines due to work. Would like to relocate to Jakarta,...
    1 | 2 years 21 weeks
  • Peru
    Hi! I'm a graduate student in the US. Our class will be traveling to Peru in the next week, and we have a class assignment to reach out to expats...
    Zero | 2 years 22 weeks
  • the United Kingdom
    I'm from the UK, 22 year old Burlesque dancer/Model and Media graduate hoping to move to Groningen in October, my partner is studying at the...
    2 | 2 years 19 weeks
  • Chile
    Hello Expat Arrivals community, I am a current MBA candidate with a focus in international accounting/finance. I am hoping to be able to land a job...
    1 | 2 years 22 weeks
  • Chile
    Hello, I’m a business student traveling abroad with my management class and I had a few questions regarding the Chilean business environment I was...
    1 | 2 years 22 weeks
  • Australia
    Hi, Recently, I am secured a permanent residency to Australia (Visa subclass 189). Now, I am thinking to move to Australia permanently by the end of...
    1 | 2 years 1 week
  • South Africa
    VISA Approved! Flying to Johannesburg, South Africa in July.It's a dream come true. Thank you so much for helping and answering to my questions. Wish...
    5 | 1 year 50 weeks
  • Oman
    Hello Everyone, ADVISE please -- I want to move to Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia or Dubai. I am currently in London. I have tried various...
    1 | 2 years 21 weeks
  • South Korea
    Looking for a job has a security personnel or factory workers in south Korea
    1 | 2 years 22 weeks
  • Shanghai
    Hello, I got an offer from a company in Shanghai, Pudong district for 36K RMB per month and considering relocation with my wife and 2,5 yrs old kid....
    1 | 2 years 22 weeks
  • Abu Dhabi
    Hi. My wife was recruited by a major financial group in Abu Dhabi as a computer programmer - although she is actually a mobile user interface...
    1 | 2 years 22 weeks
  • Costa del Sol
    Hi I've just purchased a property in southern Spain and I'm looking for advice about buying kitchenware and furniture, please. Where to avoid...
    6 | 1 year 33 weeks
  • Czech Republic
    Hello, We could use some help/advice. We need to very quickly find a place to live in Pardubice near the University. We have the option of living in...
    2 | 2 years 23 weeks
  • Kuala Lumpur
    Hi All, Could you please help me to decide on the relocation to Kuala lumpur. I will be moving with my wife without kids. I have an offer for Kuala...
    3 | 2 years 22 weeks

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