Car insurance in Ireland?

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By KariLee52680 - Posted on
04 July 2017

Hello fellow Expats!

I'm moving to Cork, Douglas to be specific, to attend CIT in Bishopstown... I have found a car and have essentially purchased it... my problem is finding car insurance! I keep running in to the same issue, Sept 28, 2016 I was hit from behind while at a stop light... the driver was under insured, there were 3 vehicles that were damaged due to the stupid driver, so I had to file under my insurance. My claim paid out over $60,000 for attorney fees and medical bills as well as for repairs to be car. Because of this claim I keep getting turned down! Now a guy at Quote Devil told me I would only get insurance if I get a car less than 10 years old, the car I have in mind is a 2005 Mini. Has anyone had a similar experience? Any advice??


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As Americans, it was quite difficult to get insurance. We ended up using Allianz for insurance on our 11 year-old car. However, we had clean driving records. But Allianz seems to be the best company to work with to get coverage.

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