Can you live decent life with salary 1200eur netto in Germany?

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08 November 2015

Hi all.
I was wondering can you live a decent life in Germany if your salary is 1200eur netto?

Would I be able to pay the rent (let's say I would like to rent a small smaaaall 1 room apartment, so no sharing), provide myself with the food (I would cook most of my meals but it would be nice knowing that I could be able to eat outside sometimes), buy cosmetics, go out sometimes, buy some clothes (I don't mean anything luxury)..

All in all, run a normal life and afford myself modest but decent life.

I was wondering would this be possible not only in small towns but also in bigger towns such as Cologne, Munich, Frankfurt...
what are your thoughts on this?

Thank you in advance!

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Hi there,

if you lucky and live in a cheap area you could get a 1 room apartment for 400 EUR + 100 EUR utilities. Leaves you 700 EUR self made food 70-100 EUR. Other things like transport, household stuff = 200 EUR

Leaves about 300-400 EUR for Entertainment, other things.

, eating outside is like 12-15 EUR per dish (7-10 for fast food). Drinks, Cinema go quickly into money.

Healthcare already in ur salary i guess

But yeah its possible.

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