Can expats open a bank account in Russia?

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By Phil - Posted on
24 April 2013
I'm American and moving to Moscow soon. Can I open a bank account in Russia? Or should I rather stick to my American bank account?
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Hi Phil, as an expat you most certainly can open a bank account in Russia, and it living in Moscow and earning rubles, it may be the best option for you. You should shop around to see which bank suits your needs best. There are a number of international banks in Russia and most expats opt to open an account with one of these banks. For a comprehensive overview of the Russian banking system and opening an account in Russia, have a read of our Banking, Money and Taxes in Russia page.
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I'd recommend opening an account at an international bank in Russia - I wouldn't put any faith in the local Russian banks!!
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Thanks guys! I'll check out the link!

Any expats out there who can recommend a bank in Russia?
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CityBank (
Raiffeisen bank (

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