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By Stephanie Katz - Posted on
09 May 2011
Hi- My wife and I are considering buying property in Portugal in lieu of the horrible housing market in Spain. We've heard way too many stories of Brits treated unfairly there, so we're thinking the Algarve may be a better option. Can anyone who's bought property in Portugal give some helpful advice?
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Hmmm - the freefall of the Spanish market is actually better for buyers looking to score huge reductions, and the same doesn't necessarily apply to those looking to buy property in Portugal. Still, if your referring to all the issues British homeowners are having in Spain, then it's understandable why you're considering the Algarve. The region in particular has a wide variety of property on offer and there's a strong expat community to support you when it comes to the logistics surrounding purchase. Lots of people are available to advise you and lots of English speaking estate agents and middlemen are here to help the process move along. That said, you'll definitely need someone who speaks the local language to facilitate the process, and you'll need to get an NIF (Fiscal Number).
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Hi..thinking of buying a place in the silver coast ,,,,, were I believe it is a bit cooler then the algrave, can you say the houses are cheaper there , can you know a good agencies which can help me out . Thanks to enyone who rights back to me .lesley

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