Bringing Teenagers to Angola?

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By Stephanie - Posted on
11 April 2011

My husband and I have just had an offer with Shell to move to Angola for a 2-year contract. It looks to be pretty gloomy place and as much as I'd feel horrible about leaving my 16-year-old behind, I think it might be the best possible option.

From what I've read, there's very few teenagers that do move with their parents to Angola, and those that do, have a hard time of it. The schools - especially for high schoolers - seem subpar and social circles non-existant.

Can anyone confirm or advise....

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I have studied in Namibia since pre/school, but now im living in Angola luanda and i have not yet finished my superior studies. i want to know if i can continue my studies in Angola Luanda because im currently based here now. i speak fuente english and i would like to persue my studies here. i want to do human resource course or acounting. help me please. my contact details 938054231

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So I am curious as to what to expect if we bring out teenagers to Luanda. Does anyone know about the schools? Do they have Basketball or other sports?

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