Best location, school and job scenario in Adelaide?

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By roy.surabhi - Posted on
16 April 2013
Hi, I will be shifting with my husband and daughter(6 yrs) to Adelaide by June 2013. I have certain queries: 1. I want to find out about the best location with good school, reasonable rent and an area which is child-friendly and has ease of travel, initially we might not have private transport. 2.My husband is a project manager in an IT FIRM. Would like to also know if the job scenario for such requirement is there? Is it better to get a job in hand and then land in Adelaide or better to come and search for the same? 3.What will be the average cost of living cost for a month for a three member family? Please Help.
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Hi roy.surabhi, finding the right area for your family to live in Adelaide all depends on your personal circumstance and where your husband's job will be. For an overview of different neighbourhoods in the city, have a look at our page on Areas and Suburbs of Adelaide. This gives a breakdown of each area and the benefits and proximity of such areas to schools and public transport. 

Whether you will need to find a job first or come to Australia will all depend on your visa and what you would quality for and are entitled to with regards to your visa. Foreigners wishing to work in Australia require a work permit. Generally, it is better to secure a job first before making the commitment to move to Australia. For an overview of the differnt work permit options and the processes involved in securing employment in Australia, have a read of our Work Permits for Australia and Working in Australia pages. 

Good luck with your relocation!
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