Best areas to live in Los Angeles

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18 May 2011
We are soon moving to Los Angeles, which are the best areas to live in LA as a British expat?
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Choosing an area to live in Los Angeles is not so much a matter or price or personal preference, but rather a direct consequence of where you work.

Traffic in LA is about as enjoyable as Chinese Water Torture, and in some cases it can take an hour to drive 12-miles. It follow that you'll want to live close to work, or else, you can expect to add an easy two hours onto your work day. Los Angeles County is one of the most populous in the country.

If you're moving to Central LA, then you'll need to choose from one of the 26 neighbourhoods in the area. West Hollywood and the Hollywood Hills are where the rich and famous live in houses hidden behind giant hedges that limit street-veiw.

For a breakdown of neighbourhood logistics check out the Los Angeles Times Mapping LA project.

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