Best areas to live in Frankfurt?

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By Alice25 - Posted on
28 April 2016

Hello, I will be moving to Frankfurt in August to teach at an international Kindergarten. I was wondering if anyone could advise me on where is best to live? My work is in Praunheimer Weg 126.

Also does anyone know of any good competitive endurance running clubs to join for English speakers? Many thanks, Alice

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Hi Alice, 

What factors are important for you when choosing a place to live? A short commute, access to public transport, restaurants, nightlife, etc.?

Read our guide to find out more about areas and suburbs in Frankfurt.

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I will move to Germany in March. My job is in Bad Homburg, but I'd prefer to live in Frankfurt and commute. Any suggestion for the neighbourhood? It would be nice to be an area close to the train station to Bad Homburg and have a view of the river.
Regards, Laura

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Hi Laura,

We have quite a comprehensive write-up on Areas and Suburbs in Frankfurt which you might find useful. In general, Frankfurt is well-connected to its surroundings and has a comprehensive public transport system, which you can read more about in Getting Around in Frankfurt. The S-Bahn in particular is a good option but may have to be used in conjunction with a train, tram or bus route. Bornheim, Kronberg, and Niederrad might be suitable areas for you, depending on how long you're willing to commute. Niederrad is right on the river, Bornheim is a little further out but still quite close to the river, while Kronberg is not particularly close to the river but still worth considering because of transport links.

When do you plan on moving?

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I was also looking for these info. Thanks for pointing to the right direction.

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