Are there opportunities for a French-speaking speech therapist in Dublin?

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By Bart De Langhe - Posted on
27 February 2018

We're considering to relocate to Dublin, but would like to find first a job for my girlfriend. She's a French speaking speech therapist working exclusively with French speaking patients.

Does any of you know any French speaking speech therapist in Dublin?
Any idea if there's an unanswered demand for speech therapy in the French speaking community in Dublin ?

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Hi Bart

The Expat Arrivals guide to working in Ireland indicates that there is a skills gap in the Irish healthcare and medical research sectors, so perhaps your girlfriend could look for employment in one of these areas.

It would also be worthwhile to look at online job advertisements and to contact local employment agencies to check if there are any vacancies which your girlfriend could fill.

Where will you be moving to Dublin from?

- Daniela
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