Are there good international schools in Istanbul?

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17 July 2014
Hi guys, we're thinking of moving to Turkey soon as I'm an English teacher and I have heard there are good opportunities there. I'm jsut worried about the schooling options for my kids. We're British so I'd like to try keep my kids in a school that follows the British curriculum. Are there any good international schools in Istanbul? Preferably ones that follow the British or IB programmes...
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There is IB curriculum British International School

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There are a few...but all depends on your buget and very important where are you going to live, asian or european side, cause Istanbul has a very bad traffic.

I was looking myself to enroll my daughter to an international school, but I could not do that cause their prices are too high, therefore now she is going to Doga Koleji, where she is happy for now. She didnt know turkish language at first, but now she is good at it:)
You can check: IICS, BISI, MEF International and Gateway

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Hi there,

There is also Keystone International Schools, located in the Asian side right by the bridge in Camlica. The school follows the Californian curriculum.

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