Are there any womens groups I can join in Powai, India?

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By PowaiPoppi - Posted on
05 November 2017

i am moving to Powai in December with my husband, he will be working in Mumbai... last week we had a orientation trip to India so I was able to get my bearings on Powai, however, I am very keen to get in touch with any groups that are set up in Powai to help me get started. Would be grateful for any info!

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Hi PowaiPoppi

Have a read of our guide on moving to Mumbai - it's a great starting point. There are many ways to get in touch with other expats in Mumbai. One of them is through Meetup - where you can meet both expats and locals. Another is Internations, which occasionally organises events where you can meet other expats. You could even try Facebook for expat groups in Powai. Where are you from?

Hope this helps,

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Hi Emma,
Thank you... will check out your recommended sites,
We are from New Zealand but are currently living in Europe.

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Hi Emma, I did respond to your message yesterday but it has not come up.... just to say, thank you for getting back to me and that my husband and I are from New Zealand.

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