Appropriate dress for women in Istanbul

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14 July 2013
I am going to study in turkey istanbul I am a girl 19 years old and I want to know what girls my age wear considering that Turkey is a muslim country .thank you
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Hi Aterjrim,

From my personal experiences in Turkey I found that the country was a lot more liberal and 'Western' than most destinations in the Middle East. Especially in Istanbul, you'll see lots of women in Western dress. However, I think its best to keep yourself well-covered to avoid unwanted attention from men. Wearining jeans or long trousers/skirts will be fine. 

Its not necessary to wear a headscarf but always dress appropriatley when visitng mosques or religious places, as a sign of respect. 

I think you might find the Expat Arrivals page on Culture shock in Turkey quite useful. 

Do let me know if you have any more questions.


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