Apartment and Schooling in Germany?

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04 August 2016

Hi Everyone, I am Elizabeth and currently working and living in Singapore. I am waiting for the draft of the job offer of our HQ office since there is an position that I am applying. I had a conversation with our HR yesterday, it went well though they need to organize a lot since it is their first time to employ from abroad. Anyway, I have a daughter and she is 10.5 yo, though I discussed with our HR to assist in my daughter's schooling. There are 2-main items which I would like to ask for opinion: 1.) schooling - are there a lot of international schools in Gottingen? Our office is in Moringen which is 20-minutes away from Gottingen. I am a bit stress now on how to arrange my daughter's schooling. 2.) apartment - i have checked some forums and it seems like there most apartment are unfurnished. i need a 2-bedroom flat a few km away from my daughter's school if possible. I hope that we will have a smooth transition in Germany. Thank you very much for your kind advise in advance!

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Hi Elizabeth,

You can find a list of schools in Gottingen here, but the HR office in Germany itself might be able to give more information and/or recommendations. General information can be found on the Expat Arrivals Schools and Education in Germany page. Our page on Accommodation in Germany may also be useful.

Best of luck with your move.

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Dear Maegan,

Thank you very much and appreciate your time in replying my queries. I am hoping our move will be smooth too.


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Hi Elizabeth I am in similar situation like you migrating in Jan2017. my kids are 15 and 11 years processing admission..If you migrated please update your transition so it may be helfful to me as well
Thanks to Maegan also .

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