Any advice on moving to Adelaide?

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By Mr. T - Posted on
27 June 2016

Greetings folks,

I will be moving to Adelaide on a 190 visa later in August. I have been to Sydney and Melbourne a couple of times in 2012, never to Adelaide. Other than this I have lived across US, UK, Singapore and visited other countries like Malaysia, Indonesia, and UAE over last 5 years. I think of myself as a global melting pot. Having lived across different continents has exposed me to different cultures and made me a better man (I like to believe).

I need help with the following:
1 - Do's and Don'ts of Adelaide
2 - Where to live while I look for a job (single - willing to share a flat/house)
3 - Best form of transportation till I buy a car in a few months after I get a job
4 - Which mobile provider is best for AU and International calls (India/US/UK)?
5 - Estimated cost of living for a single guy
6 - Best way to make a social circle - meet new people
7 - Anything that you think an immigrant needs to keep in mind.

I have done my own calculations / research but I can always use more information especially by folks having a first hand experience. Thanks for showing interest on my post, your help is truly appreciated.

Cheers! T

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Hi Mr T,

The Expat Arrivals guide for Moving to Adelaide has a lot of information pertaining to your questions. In particular I would suggest having a look at the pages for Accommodation in AdelaideGetting Around in Adelaide, Cost of Living in Australia, and FAQs about Adelaide.

Hope this helps. Best of luck with the move.

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