Any advice on finding work opportunities/internship in Mozambique/Africa?

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By emmanuel muzira - Posted on
16 October 2015

Hey guys

I am a graduate engineer with a MSc in Mechanical Engineering and a BEng in Automotive engineering, both from UK based universities. In the 3 years since i finished studying, I haven't been able to find any internship/ job opportunities related to what I studied and have been doing various jobs that offer no promotion opportunities, a challenge or career progression. 

I have decided to apply for jobs in Africa, where my qualifications would be taken into greater consideration as compared to Europe, plus there is a chance to practice and further my engineering skills to help me advance my career. 

What advice would you give to me ? What is the best way of obtaining an opportunity ? 

Believe me, I have tried applying for jobs and internships via websites, even emailing companies direct requesting an internship. I've even gone as far as going to an embassy to seek some advice but to no avail. I'm fluent in English and have some understanding of Portuguese and do have some engineering work experience under my belt. i also keep myself active doing various projects and short courses.   

I know this question has been asked time and time again and I keep hearing the "don't give up, keep applying" advice but I've been doing it for three years and nothing has come out of it. Also, I know people keep using  the "I'm a hard worker, fast learner" rhetoric in their statements, but my experience has made me into a potential employee that has completed and can handle more than what a lot of people have gone through, engineering and otherwise.

This isn't me being boastful or prideful, this is me just asking for a chance to prove himself and to make a career out of engineering.

Anything advice will help

Thanks guys


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