Amateur singing/choirs in Guangzhou

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By ChristianH - Posted on
29 November 2017

Hi! I want to join an amateur choir in Guangzhou. I have been in choirs in the UK and really enjoyed being part of a singing group. I'm willing to travel anywhere in GZ,but I live in Tianhe district.

Thanks for any information!

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Hi ChristianH

There are many ways to find social groups or communities in Guangzhou. While I don't know any specific choirs, you could try Internations - they often organise socials for expats, or other sites like Meetup. Are you looking for a specific type of choir? 

Hope this helps,

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Hi Emma

To answer your question: I'm looking for any choir really, not just expats, but I don't read music well and I'm a beginner at Mandarin! I'm signed up to Internations and keep up to date with their events. Thanks for the Meetup link!


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There is International choir og Guangzhou. Search it in Wechat

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