Advice on Turkey move?

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By NicoleVisser - Posted on
14 March 2017

Good afternoon everyone, I would like to get some serious advise.... I have received what I think is a good job offer in Istanbul at a hotel as a restaurant manager.... It sounds good.... 10am-6pm 5500 USD monthly.

If you could please give me advise, what are the living conditions? Will my monthly salary suffice? Is it a good move in general? What are the people like?

Thank so much!

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Hi Nicole,

It's difficult to say whether this would be a good move for you personally, as everyone has different circumstances, but it would certainly be an adventure - for an overview of life there, see our page on Moving to Turkey.

As far as quality of life goes, your salary would definitely influence your lifestyle. To get an idea, you should convert your salary from USD into YTL, and then draw up a rough budget of expenses. You can use the table at the bottom of our page on Cost of Living, as well as info from websites such as Numbeo and Expatistan, to fill the budget out with the relevant costs. This should give you an idea of how much wiggle room you'll have in terms of your salary.

As far as what the people are like, our page on Culture Shock in Turkey outlines some of the cultural issues you might encounter there.

When would you be moving there? Would your company be arranging your visa or would this be something you'd need to sort out yourself?

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Learn to haggle
Coming from a western country, you may find it odd and even a bit offensive to start bargaining away as soon as a price is mentioned, but this is a traditional custom in Turkey, like many other places east of Europe. Haggling is part of the dialogue of trade, so don’t be scared to try it out.

Learn the language
It seems a simple thing to suggest, and obviously you may not become fluent at the click of your fingers, but it is surprising how much just a little lingo will do for your experience. Language is not just a way of communicating, but a way of integrating yourself into the culture, the environment, and the people.

et to know the locals
Now that you have thrown yourself into learning Turkish (hopefully), be brave and put yourself out there. Try it out with your neighbours, your local store owner, or a colleague.

Pack sparingly
Packing for more than a few months is difficult, and you have to be brutal. If there is one piece of advice people who have lived in Turkey will give, it’s to not overpack.

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Thank you for your replies, I would just like to know on average what the cost of the EIC costs for turkey, Istanbul. please your assistance will be appreciated.

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Hi, Nicole

I fell in love with Istanbul when I moved there, hope you do too:))
I would assume the salary you have a mentioned is pretty good and definitely you won't find yourself starving, unless you have acquired a taste for luxuries.
Now, basing on my own experience in Istanbul - I had to change some 5 flats in less than half a year, finding a suitable accomodation might be an issue (well, if you are ready to give away up to half of your monthly income for an apartment, then it's easy. If you are looking for a nice apartment at reasonable prices, it could take quite some time

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