Advice for Single Parent Moving To Belgium?

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By Nats4795 - Posted on
28 July 2016

Hi There

I would appreciate if someone could help me below.

I will be moving to Belgium November(it) as I have been offered a job to work for an international company in Vilvoorde. I am a single parent with a son who will be 4 years old in November. I was told that the local Dutch Schools are better for teaching than the local French Schools and would prefer to place him in a Dutch School.

Therefore, I need to think about the school before finding a place to live and how I will be able to get to work on time and be able to collect him. If they have a breakfast and after school club in case I have to work late.

Would anyone know of any dutch schools which have a good reputation. How does the system work as in the UK you go by a ousted report which marks them by Outstanding, Good, Needs Improvement. I understand there are no system, but would like to ensure that my son will be enjoy his time as well as learning a new language.

I would prefer a school which has a pre-primary school attach to it. I understand you are not obliged to send our child to school until they are six. But as I need to work he will need to be.

Although, I am thinking of his school as the main focus. I would also like to enjoy my life as well knowing that I am in a good area and hopefully meet people either locals or international. Which area would be good to live in. Although, I would prefer not to live so close to work is Vilvoorde a nice area. What about Mechelen? Or is it possible to live in Brussels if there are Dutch Schools to put my child in? I do not want to spend too much as I would like to live comfortably and not worry that I have not got much to live on. I would like to a 2 bed property for no more than 800€ (give or take). Is this price possible? As understand properties can be expensive depending on area.

Thanks in advance

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Does your son learn French and Dutch at school, do you have to pay fees?


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