Advice about taking job in UAE?

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24 August 2016

Hi. I got job in parlour. They said like, it will cost 10000 dirhams to hire me. Is that true or not? Am a degree holder. My contract period is for 2 years. Can I change for another job if I gets better than this before completing 3 or 6 months? Whether they will ban or not? Or is their any option to change within contract period? Thank u

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Hi there,

A new law came into effect in January of this year  - skilled workers (high school diploma or higher) won't be subject to the automatic ban as long as they terminate their contract lawfully (ie terminated in mutual agreement with the employer). Unskilled workers also have this privilege but they must have worked under the contract for at least 6 months before terminating it. You can read more here.

Best of luck with your new job.

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