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By Fuji - Posted on
16 March 2018

I am a nurse who is moving to Dublin in May this year. I will be working at Temple Street Children's Hospital. May you please help me with information on which residential areas are nearest this hospital. (For a single person)

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Hi Fuji,

Finding accommodation in Dublin can be difficult.

Temple Street Children's Hospital is in central Dublin, also known as District 1. Rents in central Dublin can be expensive, so it might be best to consider areas farther away. Traditionally, rent is cheaper in northern Dublin. 

Do you mind living with other people? This might help you find a place closer to Temple Street. 

The bus system is extensive but can be slow during peak traffic hours. Cycling is increasingly popular and Dublin is surprisingly small for a capital city, so you might be able to find accommodation that you can easily commute from. 

This Expat Arrivals page on getting around in Dublin might provide some insight into Dublin transport. 

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Thanks for responding Kyle. I do not mind sharing. Which residential areas in nothern Dublin would you recommend

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