Safety in Abu Dhabi

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Most expats feel confident about their level of personal safety in Abu Dhabi. Petty crime is rare and serious crime virtually unheard of. 

The emirate is governed by an Islamic mandate, and it follows that local laws are stringent; in some cases, more so than home-country policies. Thus, to keep safely out of the way of authorities, it’s vital that expats familiarise themselves with the legalities of the area.

Crime in Abu Dhabi

Burglaries can and do occur; however, this is relatively rare. It is considered safe for expats to walk around at night and to take taxis independently. Women on their own are not considered to be targets or at risk, but they should ensure that they dress modestly as there have been occasional reports of women being harassed.

Road safety in Abu Dhabi

Road safety in Abu Dhabi can be a major concern. Driving is precarious and locals are known to be reckless and erratic on the roads. Expats who choose to forgo public transport for driving should do so with caution.

Drinking and driving is a serious offense, and expats who are caught doing so will face severe consequences. 

Terrorism in Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi does not have a high threat of terrorism, although some governments have warned of the possibility of extremist attacks in the UAE due to its proximity to other vulnerable countries in the Middle East and its large Western expat community. Regional terrorist groups have made threats against the UAE in the past but the possibility of an attack has not yielded any credible concerns as yet. 

Though the UK foreign office and US State Department still deem there to be a threat of terrorism against Western interests in Abu Dhabi, most expats are not overly concerned with these warnings.

Cultural differences in Abu Dhabi

There is a zero-tolerance outlook on drugs. Furthermore, public drunkenness and using offensive language, among other things, can land expats behind bars before they've even realised what's happened. Expats are urged to familiarise themselves with local customs in order to avoid any missteps.

Health safety in Abu Dhabi

During the extreme heat of summer, expats should drink enough water and avoid staying in the sun too long, in order to avoid dehydration and sunstroke.

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